Believe it or not, Amazon FBA Hijacker can be the best thing ever, for your sales velocity

Since day one of Amazon FBA school, you have learned how bad these hijackers are…

But, what you didn’t learn from these podcasts, FB groups or blogs was, that they can be very helpful bringing you to the top ranking for your main keyword.

How do they do this?
By giving you targeted sales to your most favorite keyword?
And how will you get people to buy his product using your main keyword?

By doing it yourself!
Yes, you buy the hijackers product, but not all at once, you buy 1 by one, several times a day.

And… every time you go to buy one, guess what?
You search for your main keywords and then buy it.

Not only that but since he is now selling against you ( as a competitor) you now can review “his” product (although I don’t recommend you do so)

For those of you that don’t want to buy the product from this Amazon FBA Hijacker, you still have the option to remove him the old school way, by buying one product, shipping it to yourself, and then getting some pictures to Amazon to tell them this is a Fake product.

Normally, in this case, you would proceed to give him bad feedback ( I recommend not doing that because he knows your account and may be a temperamental person) And the last thing you want is someone pissed at you giving you bad reviews and feedback, daily.

There is an option to get rid of an Amazon FBA Hijacker  Immediately (Yes I write Amazon FBA Hijacker this way for SEO purposes)

You can remove a hijacker from your Amazon listing within 1 minute!

To know how to remove this seller from you FBA listing come back tomorrow to read about it, or simply listen to Podcast Episode #50

Thank you for reading and / or listening


Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast