Amazon Hijacker

How to Successfully Remove Amazon Hijacker From Amazon FBA Listing

Amazon Hijacker destruction, The trick is very simple.

Before I start, let me warn you that this is not white hat, meaning this is not the standard way of fixing this problem.

First, you will try to contact the other seller and ask nicely to remove the items from your listing.

Allow him/her 24 hours to reply. I would insist one more time if they didn’t reply to the first message.


Here starts the easy way to remove the Amazon Hijacker:

Amazon Hijacker Visa

                     Amazon Hijacker Visa

Get a prepaid credit card with zero balance (you will only need the numbers)

Enter the card numbers into your Amazon Buyer account.

First, buy 1 unit of his product so you can have a picture to send to Amazon, in case he comes back

Now go to your Amazon Hijacker’s product and buy it all with that credit card.

Of course, it will not cost you a cent, because the card is empty!

Now he his “OUT OF STOCK” and will remain this way for the next 5 days. Amazon will email you daily asking you to update your credit card information

After they 5 you have the option to enter the same card number, or do nothing and hope that he learned his lesson and will move along

The Amazon hijacker will never even know what happened!

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This is a tip, on how to get rid of A Amazon Hijacker in less than a minute




Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast