Amazon FBA Seller Hacks For Private Label Listings

Amazon FBA Seller Hacks

Today I bring you 2 quick tips to help Amazon sellers increase conversion rates on their listings.

Tip number 1 is called the Designed in the USA

designed in the usa

designed in the USA

Yes, there are ways around the Made in China stamp.

Most Americans are very patriotic and will give preference to a product made in the USA, or in this case Designed in the USA.

Well, your product has probably been designed in the USA, plus you will design the package, logo etc.

So you can always find a way to add the American flag into a corner of your pictures. Either for the design or for being An American Company.


Amazon FBA Hack number 2:

Have 10 Bullet points!

What? 10 bullet points on

Yes, well… technically it’s only 5, but you can make it look like 10 bullet points.

or even better, make it 6 or 7 bullet points.

You do this by testing a number of characters it takes to jump to line 2 of the same bullet point. then you Capitalize the beginning of that sentence, just like it was another bullet point.

IT’S IS VERY IMPORTANT that you check your mobile listing since the majority of your traffic will come to your listing using a phone.


Now the most important thing about changing anything in your listing is to track the results to know if it is actually working, or if it is harming your conversion rates within Amazon.

So you can go to reports – business reports and track all stats up until that date, and… also make sure to track the PPC stats up until that date. This will give you peace of mind because certain changes can reduce or increase your CTR and CPC.

The other way or doing the A/B testing (or split testing) is by using automated software like splitly that will do all of this for you, and even more.


Hope these help, and if they do, please let me know




Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast