Amazon Hack To Save Pick And Pack Fees

Andy B has a brand new product launched on Amazon FBA and after adding pick and pack fees he has no profit!

How to solve this problem?

Andy, you screwed up the homework during product research.

Leaving no room for pick and pack fees is a big problem

Let’s try to minimize this.

First, figure out if it is possible to increase the price in order to sell for a profit

If the product is actually a good one and is selling quickly, maybe you can try to sell it at break even and ask the manufacturer to decrease the size.

For example, if the product is in the oversized category, is there anything you can do, to bring it down to the normal sized category under 16x9x4?

Can it be folded in the package?

Is your product too heavy, or just big and bulky?

I will tell you a quick story of how I saved $8000 in one day, just by changing the size of 1 item:

I had a very light item, but it was about 17x7x1, so it was in the oversized category just like every single one of my competitors.

But I asked the manufacturer to make it 15.6 x 7 x 1 and ended up saving $4 per unit in a 2000 unit sea can, that was $8k in savings that none of my competitors had, so I put my product on launch day at break even, and in less than 2 days I was selling 0ver 100 a day and received the number 1 new release badge, and then the best seller badge!

So, for this product or for your next, always ask yourself, “Can I make it smaller in the package?”

And never forget your pick and pack fees





Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast