How to Hire Your Marketing Customer

Hire Your Marketing Customer

A question from Lance about what I talked a couple episodes ago.

How do you hire your social media marketing customer?

It all depends on where you got the client.

if they came to you through your own social media or your website, you will need to talk to them before doing any work.

So, you just simply ask them

Ask if they have a budget, ask if they have hired before, ask how much they spent last year, ask what their goal is.

Make sure to write SOPs Standard operating Procedure for everything you do, so you can get the business operating without you in the future.

Now, if you cold-called them, you can go ahead and do some research before calling.

For instance, I would open a local magazine or a local newspaper and see what businesses are already spending money on that outdated advertising media.

If they are willing to through money out the window to advertise in a newspaper and never know if anyone has seen the ad, or if anyone has ever converted from that ad, it is insane.

And by the way, if you hire a customer that is going to be a pain in the butt, and spend more time than gives you revenue, you can easily just fire him

But I will repeat, you should make SOPs and with time keep adding to those SOPs so you can grow the business without being in it



Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast