Ganesh Krishnan founder of AiHello

AiHello uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms

⦁ How did you get started?
⦁ Are you still a seller?
⦁ Is AiHello actual Ai?
⦁ With the number of new sellers every day, getting new customers to your platform is easy?
⦁ What’s an example of cost per acquisition?
⦁ Very important for me is to dominate a keyword and not simply get sales from it. Can I tell my ai, at the keyword level what my intentions are?
⦁ If I have multiple accounts can I connect them all to one login, or do I need 1 account per Account?
⦁ How many team members can I add, and can I limit their access if I want to?
⦁ On Autopilot, You don’t bill according to ad spend, that’s interesting. your commission is on the ad revenue
⦁ When I have hundreds of campaigns, with a dozen ads in each campaign, running with 100 keywords in each ad, it turns into millions of operations needed to manage it all.
⦁ What is the order fulfillment function?
⦁ How does the Hybrid function work?

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