Frederick Vallaeys CEO at Optmyzr and One of Google’s first 500 employees
Fred spent 10 years at Google building AdWords and teaching advertisers how to get the most out of it.

  • How did you start with Google back in 2002
    ⦁ it’s safe to say you are Google certified lol
    ⦁ What was your job at Google?
    ⦁ How did Optmyzr start?
    ⦁ Did you have a day you realized it was going to work?
    ⦁ Tell me how Optmyzr works
    ⦁ Do I create the ads in your platform and it sends them to Google or do I create them the old way and the tool optimizes it?
    ⦁ Can I connect with Amazon?
    ⦁ Does the SEO of the landing page, interfere with the CPC?
    ⦁ What are the most common mistakes you see people do in PPC

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