Now that my order is ready to ship to Amazon I get hit with a Hazmat review.

Am I in trouble?

Silvia had this question about Hazmat review on Amazon

Lots of Amazon Hazmat review are triggered by a bot and sometimes it can be a false positive.

This means that sometimes it may capture keywords from your listing and assume it is a product that requires a review but in reality, it may not!

Other cases actually may require a review but the seller isn’t even aware of the requirements for importing the product.

Always make sure to look up any product or source it out to someone who knows.

Here are some links to help you out

All you need to know page HERE

Exemption sheet for hazardous cosmetics and products not regulated as dangerous goods HERE

Exemption sheet for batteries and products containing or sold with batteries HERE



Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast