Sales Velocity

About 7 months ago I launched 2 products on Amazon FBA that don’t sell.

I’ve already been charged long term storage fees and I don’t want to pay for that again.

I have a couple more products in the same brand, and I think these slow selling ones can give me a bad name.

I want to get rid of them without losing my shirt, whats the best way?

Sales Velocity on Amazon FBA

Let me start by telling you that the normal amazon buyer doesn’t care if your product sales fast or slow.

they look at reviews and they never use any kind of software to see if you are selling fast.

Actually, some buyers still think that Amazon is the only seller on the platform.

Since you also have 2 other products in the same brand, in my opinion, you should use the loser products to boost sales for the existing good ones.

To do this you just have to create a promotion.

Create a promotion called buy one get one, and give away the loser products to the buyers of the good products.

This will boost sales of the good products, increase sales velocity and help you rank higher and sell more organically.


Now the only issue with this is if your products cost you a lot of money or if you have lots of stock, because in that case, the best option may be to find a buyer on an FBA group on Facebook.


Or another way could be just like I do with some loser products I transfer then to a second FBA account where they will live for another 6 months while trying to sell.


I hope this helps




Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast