Joshua Dick has a B.A. in Political Science from Yale College and an M.B.A in Marketing and Finance from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

Over fifteen years, Josh transformed a small family business into a global market leader in the coffee industry with customers in over 70 countries and distribution facilities on three continents.

In the process, sales grew more than 25 times while earnings multiplied over 275 times.

After the sale of the business, Josh moved to Florence, Italy where he now lives with his wife and three daughters.


  • How did you set out to build your dream job?
  • What is your philosophy on focusing on one thing?
  • What is the reason you wrote a book based on the metaphor of a lobster’s molt?
  • How was your experience of expanding a business internationally with sales in 70+ countries and opening distribution centers on 3 continents





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