Burak Yolga, a specialist in international logistics, product sourcing, and navigating the complicated global marketplace – making him the ideal guest to talk about the implications of the Coronavirus on e-commerce seller


⦁ Before we get into business, how are things in China, with Corona? Is it true that China has everything under control?
⦁ Is everything shut down right now?
⦁ When do you think will China open? (As a company owner in China, you must know the real situation?)
⦁ Life in China before & after Corona? (What is the current situation)
⦁ Are you ready for the year ahead? – When Corona is over, there will be capacity bottlenecks (both in factories and logistics providers?)
⦁ shipping essentials?
⦁ How to manage your global supply chain from China to the US in today’s uncertain environment.
⦁ What should you pay attention to when selecting your freight forwarder?
⦁ how do you think this will impact future shipping worldwide and rates?
⦁ people are still afraid of sea freight as it seems complicated when a buyer hires a freight forwarder will this company take care of everything?
⦁ How much can a freight forwarder cost?
⦁ How should we negotiate with suppliers?
⦁ Selecting a freight forwarder do I have to worry about quarantines, fluctuations and port closures?
⦁ Amazing advice about harmonized codes
⦁ When it’s time to ship FOB, DDP, Exworks, CIF (cost insurance and freight)

Forceget Logistics
⦁ a global logistics company with expertise in international parcel, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, based in China and Hong Kong.
⦁ Forceget can assist you exploit global efficiencies providing large scale of products and services such as logistics, sourcing as well as auditing.


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