Do You Brand All Your Products – Where Do You Make The Logo

Carl asked if I brand all my products and if I do, where do I place the logo, and where do I make the logo?

The answer is very simple, NO!

I always test my products, even if the tools tell me I will be able to sell a ton of them every day.

I have 2 accounts, one is the “test” account where I do exactly that.

Test the viability of the product and if it doesn’t fly I either kill it or slowly let it sell out without PPC.

All products that pass the test are sent to the main account, where they will live happily ever after. (until they sell haha)

Products that pass the test, WILL BE BRANDED on the package and the products, except in some cases where the product can’t be branded for some reason.

My logo is not always new, as I have a Main brand, where I sell a large variety of different items, so most cases will just get branded with my main brand logo.

If the product is part of a speciality (like for instance, medical devices) it will have its own branding, and it’s own website, preferably with the dot-com domain related to the brand name.

About, where I make my logos, I have tried almost every place online, from 99 designs to software to help me do it myself, and Fiverr.

To be honest, a lot of people mention how Fiverr sucks and the work is cheap… well, that is not correct, there are lots of very talented people on Fiverr.

Actually, all designers that provide services at 99 designs are selling on Fiverr.

Original Fiverr Logo

Original Fiverr Logo

You don’t have to pick a $5 design for your logo, but you certainly don’t need to spend thousands anymore like we did back in 2010.

Saying Fiver sucks because it is cheap is like saying everything made in China sucks!

Remember, you are probably reading this from your Made in China Smartphone.

My designer is on fiver, and of course, he does not cost $5. I have been dealing with him for a long time, and have requested several logos from him, all 5-star logos.


That is all for today.

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Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast