How do you pick what email to use in your Shopify store

If you mean during the creation of the Shopify Store, That is very easy to answer.

I always use the same email when creating any Shopify Store.

I have 6 stores all under the same email and have a second email which I use when testing products on trial stores for 2 weeks.

I use the same technique on Amazon FBA, I also have 2 accounts there ( approved of course)

And when a product isn’t performing like I was expecting, I transfer that product to the second account and let it run out slowly.

I even share my second account on Facebook, so friends and competitors can check it out and make offers 🙂

But, going back to Shopify Store, I find it easier to always use the same email.

And to log in to each store I do it, by going to and log in there to each store.

If you need any help with your Shopify or have any questions feel free to contact me

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