What do I do with my broken products I sell on Amazon?

Question from Justin: What do I do with my broken products I sell on Amazon?

This question can have a couple answers, depending on what the question really means.

If you mean you received a full broken batch of product from China, to sell on Amazon, and now you can’t sell it, maybe you should contact the manufacturer and try to figure out a friendly solution with them.

If you mean the daily or weekly returns you get from selling on Amazon, and the product now is deemed unfulfillable… those you can ask Amazon to ship to you (if you are in the same country as the product) and Amazon will ship the broken product to you for 50 cents each plus tax.

If you are not in the same country has your product on the Amazon marketplace, you can choose to let them destroy the product or ship it to a charity or even friend that lives in that country.

Another option is to send to a 3rd party fulfillment center who will replace boxes, check the product and resend to Amazon for you.

A very good tip to keep in mind for the future is to make an agreement with your manufacturer about replacing all broken units, in a future order.

This way they will guarantee to get a new order from you, and you will avoid having to lose money and profits from the broken units.



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