How do I get reviews on Amazon?

There is no special sauce to get verified reviews on Amazon, except to have lots of sales, a great product, and great customer service with an excellent email follow up.

Quin explains how he uses his email campaign to email every single buyer with a personalized email.

The software Quin uses is Feedback Genious to send email follow-up to all costumers who buy a certain product.

Reviews on Amazon must be legit, or else you risk losing your selling privileges on the platform.

Quin’s email sequence starts with an email sent 1 day after the product gets delivered to the buyer.

In that email, he says the product should be delivered today, but in fact, we already know it was delivered the day before.

So he proceeds to say, please let me know when you receive it, and if it was in perfect condition.

This will almost force the buyer to interact and reply, saying ” I already received it, 1 day ahead of schedule”

To the people who reply saying it already arrived and everything was perfect, Quin manually replies (his admin) saying:


Hey (name),

I’m so glad to hear everything was perfect 

Hope you love it as much as I do 




One week later (exactly 7 days after delivery) they will receive the second automated email

This one will ask for a review:

Hello (name)

It has been a week since you received the (product name)

I just wanted to see what you think about it.

If you have 30 seconds, would you mind leaving a review on Amazon?

Here is the link: (send link)





About 88% of people who receive the first email in the Canadian Amazon, will reply!

I hope you have good luck getting more reviews, so keep working on your email sequence, and try to always make it sound personal to the receiver.



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