Should I create a new listing or set up a variation on my existing listing when I launch a new product with a different color?

This is a question that came in from Bruce, on QASellingOnline. com




Hey Bruce,

Thanks for the question, and I’m super excited that you found a good product.

As for the listing or Variations, there are different reasons to do them different

If you create a variation under the same listing, you will have a huge benefit which is sharing reviews in all variations.

So if the blue one has 20 reviews, the yellow one will also have 20 and so on.

And this is a huge benefit if the reviews are good if they are bad, it works against you.

You also will be able to create lightning deals for all variations for the cost of just one, while if you separate the listings, each will have a cost of $150 or $300 depending on the time of year.


If you create a different listing you will be able to target different keywords, you will be able to have different categories (some products can fit into several categories or subcategories), and you will be able to add each other to the “frequently bought together” by doing the buy one get one, promotion.


So, now you just need to think of whats best for you, if its the reviews and lightning deals, or targeting different keywords possibly in a different category.

I personally have both options, but have more color or size variations, than new listings.

I sometimes also use the new listing so I can run A/B tests, and see if certain new things work or not, but that I don’t recommend for your main listings


Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast