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Why do Customers go to check out but don’t buy.

A friend was having some issues with his Shopify store.

Customers were adding to cart at a rate way higher than normal, but the conversion rate was the normal average 2%.

After some investigation of the Shopify online store, Quin discovered that his friend did not have the price showing publicly.

People would add to cart in order to find out what the price of the product was.

Quin’s advice for the future was to install a monitor in the backend that tracks what your visitors do on your website.

The tools are called Smartlook or Crazy Egg. They monitor every move of your visitors so you can find out what they see and were you lose them

Customers go to check out but don’t buy, very often so always make sure to have a Pixel installed so you can retarget/remarket to the visitors that went all the way to your cart



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