How do I create several Facebook Pixels?

It is possible to have unlimited Facebook pixels but not if you are only using the personal advertising account.

In order to create sever Pixel properties, you need the facebook business advertising platform

You can find the Facebook business account at or while connected to your ads manager just do a search for Facebook Business in the top search bar.

When you create a professional business account for Facebook ads (this is free) you will have access to several new enhanced features… One of these features is the ability to create unlimited Facebook pixels for every single website you own, or for all your clients.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel Facebook Pixel

Using the Facebook Business account will also allow you to add people to the account. What I mean by this is adding users or workes that will also work under the same business account to operate ads for customers.


Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast