Todays Guest is a college drop out who is the owner of an Inc 5000 company!
His company Quest Education is ranked #296 of the fastest growing companies in America!! How cool is that?

Let’s welcome Daniel Blue, What’s up Daniel?

Daniel, I want to talk about your company, what it does, and how you achieved such insane growth, but before let’s break down who you are, Let’s hear your story
Ok, let’s talk business:
-You were the VP of sales of iSelfDirect is that the same company that became Quest Education?

  • why the rebranding?
  • when you have an existing “somewhat” known brand, Rebranding could be scary because you already have a customer base that knows and trusts you… how well or badly did rebranding go.
  • Did you receive funding? Are you comfortable disclosing How much funding and when?
  • Daniel, so the listeners can have an idea of the company’s growth, can you let us know some metrics like company value, revenue, yearly percent growth whatever you can share with us
  • founded in 2014 made $114K and now around 2.5MM
  • How big is your team?
  • What is it about sales that you feel is most important?
  • What are self-directed retirement accounts?
  • Why are self-directed retirement accounts important?
  • Are you the leader at your organization?
  • How do you see yourself as a leader?
  • Is balancing entrepreneurship and fatherhood challenging?
  • How did you become one of the fastest growing companies in the country?
  • you teach not only business owners but also individuals take control of their retirement plans.
  • Are these traditional methods or do you have your own methods or systems?
  • Let’s talk about the issues you had in business, Daniel!
  • People love talking about overnight success and luck, but I believe we make our own luck and every overnight success is built from a mixture of hard work and failures.
  • Did everything in Quest Education workout as easy as it may seem to an outsider?
  • Daniel, My personal opinion is that Society is starved for hope when it comes to financial freedom, so we see everyone is following the exact same gurus who take pics in front of Lambos and Private Jets.
    The question is: Could it be that we are all obsessed with the wrong kind of financial motivation because of what we imagine that other people’s lives are like, due to social media? And is that showoff mentality what is causing the families debt to skyrocket?
  • What is the number one reason why people are struggling with their finances?
  • What are your favorite tools to use in business
  • Quest education can be found at is that a fully custom platform or does it run on 3rd party software

Daniel Blue has worked with over 1,200 business owners
Most American’s don’t know what a self-directed retirement account is but Daniel is determined to change that and bring awareness to how beneficial having one can be…

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