The one name man master of Sales and Closing, Expert Keynote Speaker,
From being Canada’s #1 pharmaceutical sales representative to creating a multimillion-dollar coaching program.

His ambition, drive, and confidence has led to his domination in the industry and his world-renowned abilities for all things sales

Kayvon the sales savant from 150k in debt to 100k in month

  • Who is Kayvon the person?
  • why only one name?
  • Have you always been super confident?
  • How did you get to become the One Call Closer?
  • What is the #1 secret all sales peoples need to know?
  • What is the difference between selling and closing?
  • What are some tips for High Ticket coaches
  • How do you set up the call with authority
  • He started his passion for selling at the young age of 13 where he got his first sales job as a junior sales assistant at the local furniture store.
  • should I sell high ticket items or low?
  • what systems do you use in your business to generate leads?
  • read 400 books, did over 800 presentations on over 100 stages over the world even spoke Business Expert Forum at Harvard University.
  • Where do you want to go from here?

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Welcome to Q&A selling online with answers to questions about creating an online empire, promoting products or building a brand. Your host, private label and Ecommerce entrepreneur, Quin Amorim.

Quin: Alright, welcome to the show today we have a special guest, the one named man, the master of sales and closing, an expert keynote speaker, Kayvon, the sales were1 from a hundred and fifty thousand in debt to over a hundred thousand per month. Kayvon, what’s going on?

Kayvon: What’s going on my man, how are you doing?

Quin: Very good, well welcome to the show thanks for being here.

Kayvon: Yup, thank you for having me. it’s always a pleasure.

Quin: And you are, as we spoke earlier you are in Vancouver, beautiful sunny Vancouver.

Kayvon: That’s correct, all the way in Vancouver, Canada.

Quin: Awesome, I was there 3 days ago in British Columbia

Kayvon: BC, is just yes, so beautiful.

Quin: Awesome, so let’s get into this and tell us basically, you were a hundred thousand dollars in debt and now you make almost that every month. So, before we get into that, tell us who you are as a person.

Kayvon: As a person, today, I got a significant other that I love very much, I’m dedicated to all things, sales, training, sales consulting.
I’m on a mission to help many, many people to change their lives and in the terms of being able to either a walk into their greatness, being able to show them what it is to take a chance in life, what it is to follow your dreams and we know that we do that, right there is a lot of feedbacks that happens, there is a lot of things that can go wrong and there will be a lot of things that go wrong but when you go after something  you believe in more that’s bigger than you, when you go and take that leap, that’s most people are afraid to take and you live in it, eventually you will fly, you’re gonna soar and you’ll be able to help people.
Now, more on the things I see a lot of time is people decide that “I want to help people”, “I want to change people’s lives, that’s what I want to do” but I always say your never gonna be able to change anyone’s lives unless you change yourself.

Quin: Uh uh

Kayvon: You can’t have the cake and eat it too in the situation, I hate that saying just so you know.
I’m like all about damn no, I want my cake, I gonna have my sprinkles, I’m gonna have the sauce and I don’t what to share it, right? And I say just trying to go against that quote but there is a moment in your life you gotta make decisions and regarding your convenience and your conviction will not live on the same block, they will never live on the same area code.
So, you’re gonna have to either stay where you are being convenient or you gotta have to get inconvenient and have conviction so you can grow and for me, I’m here helping people, coaches, consulting, service providers.
I learned the art of selling, learning the art of connecting so they can get their message, their services to the masses.

Quin: Nice, so where did your expertise come from?

Kayvon: Yeah, so it started in the online business 4-5 years ago now and before that, I was a pharmaceutical sales rep.
I was the number one sales rep for the largest company across the country and then I decided to leave all that behind and go after the entrepreneur journey, but going after the entrepreneur journey without direction is want I get.
I kind of jumped right into there, you know, the big pool and a month, in a month 1 I thought I was gonna, you know, the most entrepreneur think you’re gonna win and I started striking out, striking out, striking out and I wasn’t even until a year later I would found myself, a hundred and fifty dollars in debt.
Now because of that, you know that failure came from not having directions it was coming from not being congruent into my messaging being congruent of who I was.
Most importantly not actually owning to who I am and who I am is I’m a sales guy, I just do all things sales but I was running away from the one thing, is my core genius.
when I got in line with my core genius and realized that there is a fundamental need in this market place, in this world of actual real, when I mean real salespeople, I mean people that know how to connect to their prospect in a way that allows them, allow the prospect to make the decision but most importantly, authentic sales closers that you are only going to sell or close a prospect that needs your service, not because you want the commission, its not about the commission, its all about the mission and there is a fundamental need in this especially in the industry. I work with a lot of coaches, service providers, speakers, consultants.
One of the key elements I see is they don’t like sales, everyone is trying to run away from sales because we were born, right?
When we are younger, we were born to believe that salespeople are icky and they’re slimeballs that is actually not the case, yeah right?
What I do know, anything Henry Ford said best, is that nothing happens until someone sells something first. Salespeople are the drivers of the economy there is no business unless you have sales, sales come from salespeople.
So, I’m out here trying, you know, to really change the message and the understanding of actual real sales and sales isn’t about sign a product, it isn’t about selling a service its about having the ability to connect and ask the deeper questions so you can connect with your prospect in a way that allows you to make the effective decisions of where they need to go, of what they want, of where they need help them in their future.

Quin: And the reality is that we are always selling something to somebody, right?

Kayvon: Everything you want in your life is a sale, every single thing you want, if you’re driving, you’re sitting right now, you’re at work, you’re with your family, I want you to take a look around you and ask yourself why, what is it that you want, do you want a promotion, do you want someone at work to get you know to like your idea, do you want your kids to eat the breakfast, eat the lunch, eat the dinner, you want your husband to listen to you better, do you want to have a better relationship, do you want that  car, do you want that house whatever that is, that’s a sale, that’s a sale. Whether you like it or not, you are a sales person, everything you get is your commissions.

Quin: Nice, nice so why only one name, Kayvon?

Kayvon: I always… So, when I was younger, because I know this is about, you know, the struggles so when I was younger, the time when I was in grade one, I was labelled with every letter in the book ADD, LD, ADHD, learning disability, reading writing, math and communications basically everything, incompetent.

Quin: Wow

Kayvon: And I was always labeled as the stupid kid and throughout all the elementary and high school I was bullied, ridiculed.
The worst was from the parents and the teachers themselves, you know, labeling me telling me that I’m not good enough. By the time I was 19, I was told that, I was in the university, I place where they say I’m never going to be, the said there was no hope that I’ll ever get there.
I got myself to university, I was told by one of my university counselors that if I was smart, I would leave, I would never graduate from high school, university because I couldn’t do it and I should go back to work in a factory. Now I’ve always been kind of the underdog.
I was always been told that I couldn’t do it and I’ve always believed, you know for 30 years I believed that I wasn’t good enough.
I believed that I didn’t have self-worth, I started to believed what they said about me because everywhere I go I was always kind of the outcast or I was kind of the one that was always getting in trouble or the one people are talking about and then I realized, you know through all my tribulations and struggles that there is a reason why they never, there is a reason why I never fit in a school system.
There is a reason why I was never with the masses, I even on the football team and the skiing team I still always have the struggle, there is a reason why incorporate it never worked with me because it isn’t because I’m not good enough, it isn’t because I’m to stupid, its actually because I’m supposed to be great, and I’m meant to be great, and I’m meant to stick out of the crowd and when I realized this, in not in the arrogant cocky way, I’ve actually realized this is my calling, this is what I’m supposed to do, and instead of looking for the validation of others and the validations of all the people that said I couldn’t do it and I just looked within to get the validation the I needed for myself which was evidently always there.
I realized that I never wanted to be labeled by the last name or by two names, I kind of just thought Kayvon. My parents gave me a beautiful name, I think Kayvon is a unique name and in my culture, it means Saturn, right and to me, I want the world to know me as Kayvon, so that’s why I kinda go with Kayvon.

Quin: That’s very good, its actually surprising that a lot of people it can go both ways when you starting getting some criticism, “oh you’re not smart enough” or “you cant do this or you can’t do that.” some people find that as fuel to prove the other person wrong but what happened to you was for a while you kind of accepted it and started to believe it.

Kayvon: Yeah, so all the ridicule and all the disbelief that was coming my way, I let it be my fortress, I let it pinned me down, see my story held me down for my greatness.
The story that the world was telling me was keeping me, from me going after my dreams, going after my goal and then I realized that my story isn’t supposed to hold me down, its not supposed to be my fortress, my story is supposed to be my fuel.
My fuel to propel me to my dreams, to my goals, my fuel to allow myself to stand on stage and speak my dreams into existence and allow my story not to be something that hold me back but propels me to the things that I want in my life, to help others through my stories, to propel them cause you see there is a lot of people that are sitting on the sidelines, they’re watching the game and they want to be a part of the game but they are so damn worried and they are so in love with the person that they are today, that they will never become that they want to be tomorrow.
You see there comes a point in every entrepreneur’s life, every great athlete’s life, where they gotta make a decision and that decision is when for me, when I was willing to die of any form of the man that I was so I can birth the man I was becoming.
I had to give myself the permission to love my friends and families from a distance because they were not serving me.
My ecosystem I was living in was not serving my greatness I had to give myself the permission to break off and know that in order for me to help them which I wanted to do, I have help myself, I have to go through that door, there is only one silhouette.
See a lot of people want to go through that door, they want to be rescued 911, they want to take everybody with them and you can’t do that. In order for you to achieve greatness, in order for you to be that entrepreneur, the business owner, the mother, the father, the uncle, the aunt, the boyfriend, the girlfriend, the husband and wife what ever that is, in order for you to achieve that greatness to be able to make an impact in this world to create that ripple effect, you first gotta give yourself the permission to go be great.
Walk through the door go to the things that people won’t do in other to have a life that most people want, and when you go through the door and you give yourself the permission to go through it, what happens is, you can then come ack though it and pull every one with you but you can’t pull them with you when you are on the same side as them, that doesn’t work.

Quin: That’s fantastic, you know what I just thought, when you are talking about that, I was just thinking of the fact that when we’re on the plane they always let us know that, if something happens, if you need the mask put it on yourself first before go helping your family because if you don’t,  you can both can get stuck right, so it you don’t save yourself first, you don’t have the power to save anybody else. So, that’s it.

Kayvon: Well you just said it right, there is a reason why they… the oxygen mask, right, they say every time, put it on yourself first and then save your child.
The reason for that is if your too busy fumbling around trying to save your child and you haven’t saved yourself first, there is nobody there to save your child.

Quin: Absolutely

Kayvon: But a lot of people, Here’s the thing, here’s the deep… a lot of people don’t want to take that leap.
You see they’re sitting on it, they’re sitting on the edge and they’re watching every other one else fly by and play the game and they always wonder what it would be like without actually jumping in and the reason for this, isn’t not just because that they’re scared and all, the fear because they know its lonely.
When you take that leap, when you go in, say I’m gonna do me, I’m sick of doing it your way, I tried it your way, it’s not working, I wanna do it my way. I want to do it the way I wanna do it, it becomes lonely, because you are gonna be in judgment.
People are gonna judge you because you’re going after your dreams. You know what they always say, “That person, he’s an asshole because he’s rich, or he was given that”, that is a direct reflection of the person saying that, I want you to think about this. When a Ferrari or a Lamborghini comes by and you hear the engine roaring at the stop sign, what do most people think?

Quin: Yes

Kayvon: “The guy’s an asshole, it must be a drug dealer, something like that. You see, that’s not true, the guy in the car is actually can be someone of greatness, the guy on the car can be changing thousands of people, millions of people’s lives but the reason he got there was because he didn’t care about those judgements. He didn’t care about what their parents and their friends thought because you can’t have it both ways and when you decide to take that leap, you decide to say “its my turn, its my time to play the game.” its going to be lonely, cause everyone around you          , you’re gonna have to walk away from but what most people don’t realized when you’re walking away from one thing, you are also running to a new thing and that new thing is where you can start hanging around, that new thing wont feel so lonely anymore but you gotta give yourself the permission to exist in-between both of them for a while and most people can’t do that, they’re to scared they don’t want to be alone, “oh its scary out there” You know what’s scary? You know what hell on earth is, to me? Someone side it to me, I almost dropped to my knees, I actually did drop to my knees.

Quin: (laugh)

 Kayvon: The hell on earth is the day you are about to die and you meet the person or the man you could have been.

Quin: (oohh)

Kayvon: Yeah, hell on earth is the day you die and you met the person you could have been. See, I don’t ever want to have that, I don’t ever want to meet the person I could’ve been, I don’t every wanna be the person that says. “That doesn’t happen for me”. No, no, I wanna be the person that said that, “I want something and I’d get it.”

Quin: Uh uh

Kayvon: I wanna do something and then I go do it, I don’t believe that anything, I don’t believe that the impossible. I only believe that everything is possible, you as a human being or you as an owner, you as an athlete, you as a mother/father whatever that is, you just have to make the decision to believe its possible for you cause if you can keep it in your head, you can have it in your hand.

Quin: Exactly, I really loved that. So, in order to do that and to become like, you seem to be super confident right now, of course, you would have to break out of a shell at one point was there any factor that made that happened?

Kayvon: Yeah, so now you’re talking about that moment in my life where I said “enough is enough”.

Quin: Yeah

Kayvon: My defining moment I called it was the worst day, worst week of my life but it was also the same week where I’m willing to die of any form of the man I was.
So it was a Sunday evening, and I put my hands to the beautiful view you where just talking about in British Columbia and I put my hands out to the world, to the beautiful north facing mountains, the sun was shining down, it was a Sunday evening and I remember looking at my body, looking at my life looking behind me into my apartment and I remember saying ‘Kayvon, you finally made it.”
You have the great job you have a great shape in your life, you have a great relationship with your friends, with your family, at that point I was dating someone I thought, you know, that they are gonna be the one, all of it and then Monday morning came, I got a call from my manager saying that the company is being acquired and it went to acquisition,  jobs are gonna be loss and commissions are gonna be changed.

Quin: Hmm

Kayvon: Little that afternoon, where a once looked at my apartment for the first time in my life, I looked at finally called home. My landlord told me that they wanted me to move out because they were trying to get someone else in there.
The next day I got a call from my mother in tears “what’s going on?” Well, find out my dad has cancer and has to go through another round of chemotherapy in radiation. Later in the week my sister called me and she’s crying and I said “I know, I know about dad, mom told me. I get it, I get it.” “No, no, no that’s not it.”, “what now? What can possibly go wrong?” Well, Dave left me; her husband left her with my two nieces.

Quin: Jeez

Kayvon: Yeah, and then out of all that the only thing I had was the fact that okay, all of this going on but I still have my health and I have the girl that I, you know, well I thought I loved.
But she looked at me in the end of the week and she told me that she can never no longer, she could not look me at the way I looked at her.
So it was in that moment where all that come, you know, tumbling down, where I realized that if there’s ever gonna be a moment for me to finally do what I gotta do it would be right there and I knew that there cannot be a moment where I thought, I did, I acted, I came from the place I’ve been coming from. You see a lot of people are a victim of their circumstances, right, they say this, and the world and this.
The reason you’re at where you’re at, the reason that all your business isn’t working or your relationship is not working or your idea aren’t coming to fusions, isn’t because of the market place, it isn’t because the partner, it isn’t because of this, it’s all because  what going on the inside, inside of you. You are a direct reflection of the results you’re getting in your life if you don’t like the result you’re getting in your life, you gotta first look within, you can change in the results.
For me, I realized there is a lot I had to look within and change the way I thought changed the way I operated change the place, from the place I came from so I can start changing the results I got.
As I got different results, I built on that as I started moving closer to my dreams, I realized that there were a lot of people in my life as much as I loved them, they weren’t serving me.
They weren’t giving me what I needed for my greatness and I had to be able to walk away. I now live my life where I know, I asked this question, do I have a future with this person,
I don’t spend my present moment or my time with thoughts, things or even people I don’t have a future with and people go, “Kayvon you’re such an asshole” no, I’m not an asshole, I love everybody but I also love my dream and I know that if I’m spending my present time with someone I don’t have a future with, I’m also taking one step away from the one thing that I want. So, I had to get very serious with what I was doing, just like every entrepreneur, at some given moment they gotta get very serious at where they wanna go you gotta get one direction, they gotta work on one thing. You see a lot of us were so distracted, shiny objects in your list, we get so distracted.
The ones that are focused, they stayed at one thing, no matter how hard it is, no matter what happens, they go to it.
Now, the key is picking out one thing, the key is being in line with it and having the harmony to be able to withstand all the failures that are gonna come, you will never get the success without failing.
You will fail a hundred times more than you will succeed, for every one time you succeed, you gotta fail a hundred times, guaranteed, but is it failure or is it just a temporary defeat? is it failure or is it a learning experience of what not to do the next time, is it something that’s gonna get you thicker or stronger fight like more of a fighter, harder so that when this happens again later down in the future, you know exactly how to deal with it. It doesn’t break you; it makes you.

Quin: And I think its maybe all of the above

Kayvon: Absolutely

Quin: So, what is one secret then for all sales people to know, like your number one secret.

Kayvon: My number one secret, now is not, this isn’t sexy but it works. Okay, it’s not all jazzed up and gonna make you feel good but it works. If you don’t value yourself, you’ll never be able to value your prospect or whatever your selling, you have to value yourself first. See a lot of sales people don’t value themselves, they don’t value their time, they don’t value their worth but yet they’re going out and they’re try to sell something to another prospect or to another customer to a client and get in them to try to buy in to what they believe in when they don’t even believe in themselves.

Quin: So, you wanna value yourself first even before you value what it is your selling?

Kayvon: Absolutely, if you don’t believe in you, if you don’t believe in your worthy of success, if you don’t believe that you have the power to change people, if you don’t believe that you’re coming from an authentic place, you’ll never be able to connect and sell somebody. You might get lucky and make sales but you’ll never become great until you see the greatness in you. Most business people, most athlete, most sales people they all fail at the end of the day because of what?

Quin: Because they didn’t believe.

Kayvon: Because of themselves. See I can teach all the strategies, all the sexy strategies, I can teach you all the cool tricks, all the cool things to close more deals, but it’s never gonna actually work until you’re closed on yourself until you have conviction, the clarity and the certainty. Conviction, clarity and certainty, I’m absolutely certain that I’m in the best place, best possible solution for my prospect’s problem. Do I have absolute clarity on what I need to do, of what the product, what the service is gonna offer so I can fix my prospect solution and do I have absolute conviction that I’m gonna do it or the products gonna do it do I have absolute conviction that when I work with this, when I do this exchanged and I provide my service, or I provide my product, that’s gonna fix the problem cause if I don’t believe in it, I don’t have a conviction, the clarity and the certainty, how could I ever expect the market, the world, the universe and most importantly my clients to have it? it its starts with you.

Quin: Do you think selling and closing are the different things?

Kayvon: Two different things, yeah, completely different. See sales, there’s this world in a day to a sales people, there’s billion of sales people out there sales people acting like a typical sales person, selling the feature selling the benefits, sit like the used downtown sales guy. See sales people don’t actually get the credit card. They don’t get the actually transaction to happen, a closer doesn’t sound like a typical sales person. A closer doesn’t sell the features and the benefits, a closer connects to the prospects. A closer asks the right questions to get too the result faster, a closer knows when the prospects lying, a closer knows how to get the actually transaction, to get the credit card, over the phone, or in person, right there. A closer doesn’t allow for objections they handle. A closer brings in the money that drives the economy, a closer brings in the sales that brings in the profits. The profits to grow the businness. A closer brings in his comisisions to lead his dream.

Quin: Man, that’s so fascinating, so before I let you go, I know you’ve read now over 400 books you did over 800 presentations, you spoke at over a hundred different stages through out the world. You were even on a called to be, to speak at the harvard university at the businness expert forum.

Kayvon: Yeah

Quin: Besides all of these places, where else can peple find you if they want to.

Kayvon: Yeah, I always, im not for everybody I say this, this what I do is not for everybody and I’m cool with that because I know in life, I’ll tell you as a businness owner when you are picking your clients in order to be effective you gotta be selective. So im very selective of who I work with and who I can help but if this is for you, you’ve already known this is for you, cause you know, maybe 10-15 minutes, youre like, “I wanna work with this guy”. If Kayvon can help you and serve you best, you can find me at, it’s

Quin: Awesome, perfect. That would be the best and direct spot to find you.

Kayvon: From there you get all my social, everything. You can write me a personal email, my personal email,

Quin: Perfect, there you go everybody,

Kayvon: That’s it.

Quin: Kayvon, thank you very much for your time, I know it is worth a lot, your time is worth a lot and I realy appreciate it.

Kayvon: I apprieciate it too, its always a pleasure being on here and let me know how I can best serve you and your community as well.

Quin: Yes, sir I will, thank you. Bye.


Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast

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