90% Discount Codes To My Warm Super Engaged Audience

Question from Bruce Hoffmann

“Hi Quin, thanks for sharing all that you do.

I am trying to set up the super URL and give a discount to my warm audience.

I wanted to give 90% for the first 10 days to my super-engaged audience. but do I do it via a coupon (then do all of Amazon customers see this the coupon, which I don’t want) or could I create a promotion using the social media promo code that way only people I give the code to can use it?

i would still use the super url, then have them use the promo code created in the social media promo tab.

also, there is not a way that I could find to discount more than 80%.”

To use the 90% discount code on Amazon, make sure to limit your amount of items that the person can buy, normally I limit each to 3 purchase.

Then you need to generate the number of coupon codes you are looking for and send each one of your audience a unique coupon code with the 90% discount.

Amazon will generate all those single-use coupons in any quantity you request.

Then you make sure that the audience is only allowed to buy one, two or even three ( the more they buy the better your conversion rate will be)

You can use a software like a Coupon Carrier found at Couponcarrier.io

If you want to use the Social Media Promo code the maximum discou9nt you can do is 80% as Amazon has set the range between 5% and 80%.

By the way congrats on having a Super Engaged audience, and knowing how to use it.

A lot of Amazon sellers don’t have an audience and there are others that do have one but never used it for anything.

The important part of having an audience is giving them content and keeping them engaged for the time you do need to launch a new product or service, and you want to give them the first option to enjoy that service or that product.

I really appreciate your question Bruce, and I hope you get back to me with the results of this campaign and let me know what position your keywords got indexed at.


Quin Amorim


Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast