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Question from Jocelyn

Hi Quin, 

I’ve finally finished listening to your whole podcast. Thank you so much. I have a question about merch by Amazon. I just started selling on that platform ( I’m in SK Canada ) and I’m wondering how to get my shirts noticed? Since there isn’t a way to market them right on merch, is it the keywords that make the difference. Can you clarify what process I should be doing?  

Thank you”

Merch by Amazon

Hi Jocelyn,

Thank you so much for being a listener and for sending in such a great question.
I will answer it today and launch it this week on episode #143

Meanwhile, I can let you know that the keywords used when creating your listing will be one of the main factors for anyone to find your shirts.
Also, the “brand name” you create for each shirt can be different and doesn’t need to be of a real company.
What I mean is, if you are designing a T-shirt for a real estate agent, for example, you can name your company “Real Estate Tee” or ” Real Estate Agent X”
The name of your “fake” company will also appear in the search results 🙂

There are a couple ways you can really advertise your merch, and they are Facebook ads, Google Ads (Adwords) and AMS (Amazon Marketing Services)

Amazon marketing services AMS Is not something you have access to, by default. You need to apply to get in. And you do it if you are an Amazon seller. You offer to become a vendor of one of your products.

Amazon will offer you a “lowball “offer to start buying your product and become the official seller of it.

in return, they will give you access to  AMS (Amazon Marketing System), where you will be allowed to advertise any product or merch even if you don’t own it



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