Do you do retail arbitrage and online arbitrage?

Frank wants to know if Quin also does RA (retail arbitrage) and OA (online arbitrage).

Quin explains that Retail arbitrage is when you walk into a store and you physically find a good deal with the price highly lowered, and buy in bulk to sell online.

In the other end, Online arbitrage is when you find a great deal online and buy the products to resell online.

Besides these 2, there is also WS (wholesale), when you buy from the manufacturer and receive a wholesale price (Quin only deals above 50%, for products below $40).

When you deal with wholesale, you can sell online, or at your physical location brick and mortar  ( if you have a business license). Wholesale is pretty easy since the product technically doesn’t end, and someone else is responsible for meeting the standards of the category it sells in (like FDA or Health Canada).

Another positive about wholesale is that the manufacturer or brand owner is the one putting the effort and cash out for marketing and brand awareness.


The last of the jargon is PL (private label) that everyone already knows, Quin is very much interested in and deep into it.


Quin at the moment is 100% private label in the USA and Europe and in Canada about 80% PL and 20% wholesale.

I hope this answers the question: Do you do retail arbitrage and online arbitrage?





Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast