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Should I Retail Arbitrage Pots and Pans at Huge Discounts #220

Hey Quin, I started listening to the podcast only 5 months ago, but almost caught up to the latest episodes. I am starting my Amazon FBA business by doing retail arbitrage, and I recently found a place that has pots and pans always at 70% off. Do you think I should start with those or…
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Q and A Podcast

Do you do retail arbitrage and online arbitrage | Ep. #21

Do you do retail arbitrage and online arbitrage? Frank wants to know if Quin also does RA (retail arbitrage) and OA (online arbitrage). Quin explains that Retail arbitrage is when you walk into a store and you physically¬†find a good deal with the price highly lowered, and buy in bulk to sell online. In the…
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