We all have heard of heatmap technology installed in the back end of our websites, in order to track what our visitors are doing on the webpage.

Today what I am talking about is |Eye tracking heat maps, that actually track what an audience is looking at.

Normal heatmap technology has been around for a while. You install a sniped of code int the backend of your website, and it records video of your costumers using the site.

This allows you to see where they came from, what they are looking at and where you lost them.

You can see where the person is from, their IP address, what Operating system they are using and even what version of that.

The recorder will track everything they do, all the way to checkout, where you will no be able to record, for safety and privacy reasons.

This is super important technology because it tells us what people were looking at on each picture or video, and what they like looking at.

So you know what to give them together with your product.

The main thing to consider is to have a good looking person on the picture while smiling.


I also talked about “banner blindness” that nobody sees the ads that are on the right of the pages like in 1990.

And if you have an eCommerce website you should never have Adsense running on the page or any other advertising other than your own product.


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Free visitor recording software is called Smartlook

Neil Patel’s tracking software and website editor is called Crazy Egg  (Put Crazy Egg to the test for free for 30 days, on us)

The Business Insider  – 29 Eye-Tracking Heatmaps Reveal Where People Really Look


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