Fail Forward, What Does It Mean To Fail Forward? #114, QA Selling Online Podcast

A TED X talker who didn’t know what it meant to Fail Forward.

Fail Forward!

I am an official translator for TED, TED X, and TED Global talks, translating from English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English.

By doing this, I get to memorize lots of talks because I have to hear the talk several times.

But recently I came across a TED X talk about failure, and the speaker said he didn’t know what it meant to Fail Forward!

So I had to comment and let him know 🙂

Failing Forward means you are moving forward when you failed, Taking Action!

Its the only way you can Fail Forward. Failing by not taking action is the only bad failure because you didn’t even try.

Just like a famous hockey player said: “You will miss every single shot you don’t take”

So Failing Forward means you were moving towards your destination (The goal) when you failed.

So go out there and fail Fast and Fail Forward while chasing your dreams



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