Quin Amorim explains the meaning of Failing Fast

How do you fail fast, and what is the meaning of failing fast?

In systems design, a fail-fast system is one which immediately reports at its interface any condition that is likely to indicate a failure. Fail-fast systems are usually designed to stop normal operation rather than attempt to continue a possibly flawed process

The goal of the fail fast idea is avoiding spending time, money and resources pursuing something that isn’t working.

People tend to keep investing in things that clearly aren’t working because it’s part of human nature to try to avoid failure.

If you are an entrepreneur you probably watch the show Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank and often see people that have sunk all their life savings into a failed product or company.

These people followed an idea that they thought was great, but didn’t look for the quick or small failures, that would have helped them realize they needed to pivot and change their product or even the whole strategy behind the business.

The Fail Fast Podcast is here to try to create some awareness about Fail-Fast ideas and techniques, and help people embrace the small failures in order to avoid the big ones.

Fail Fast, but never fail on purpose. Fail Fast and act on what triggered that small failure.

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