Chase Harmer Founder and CEO at ProfitPay
An entrepreneur since the age of 19 – learned from the school of hard knocks – raised 25 million

Almost died but came back to life to make a successful company from the ashes

⦁ ProfitPay isn’t your first venture, what’s your story before profitPay
⦁ ProfitPay is a payment processor, like Stripe or PayPal?
⦁ So I can use PP on my shopify, Woocommerce…?
⦁ The logo is a flying pig? Why?
⦁ You have a virtual CC with cashback! How does it work?
⦁ Can I use it to pay my suppliers in China, India, Portugal, then pay staff in Pakistan and Philipines all with different currencies?
⦁ I saw something on your site that has me super excited. Cashback on media buying.
⦁ Can I issue cards to my staff and have spend alerts sent to me?
⦁ As someone that’s in the fintech industry, I can assume you are a crypto fan?
⦁ Does ProfitPay have any crypto pay options yet?
⦁ How to raise 25 million

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