Anita Mar is a registered Trademark agent and the founder of Trademark Angel

⦁ How do you know if you need to protect your business name?
⦁ The most interesting legal battles she has seen and how to protect yourself.
⦁ Do you know how many trademarks you have done?
⦁ Benefits of getting a TM in China?
⦁ What if I want a brand that is already trademarked in another country?
⦁ Does an EU trademark capture all European EU members? ( 27 countries)
⦁ How long is it taking now to actually get the TM
⦁ Amazon brand registry is only looking for TM serial numbers, so within a few days of applying you can get registered, but what happens if the TM gets refused?
⦁ A competitor is using your trademark outside of Amazon? What should you do?

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast