First Page Of Amazon With The Click Of 1 Button

Today I received one of my seasonal products to sell both on and Amazon Canada.

I had never sold this product in the Canadian market but had sold it in the USA for 2 years.

It had been out of stock, with the listing closed since the end February of 2017.

I originally closed the listing, after purposely letting it run out of stock, in hopes of keeping some BSR, but that didn’t happen.

Today when Amazon emailed me saying that the full order had been received on the American warehouse, I rushed to check the BSR and it had gone form about 30k to 2 Million.

But… when I searched for my main keyword, it showed up on the 1st page (8th place), and at the time of closing the listing, I was not on the first page for the main search term.

It is very exciting for that to have happened and I will try to milk this the best I can.

Tomorrow I will ship them to the Canadian market, as I also received my Fedex order in Canada today.

So, technically I go a product on the 1st page of Amazon (per keyword search) with the click of just 1 button. ( The “Re-activate listing” button)

Thank you for reading and listening to the show



Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast