Online Store Scripts You Can Use To Sell Online

Before I start, I want to let you all know, that although I have tried almost every online store script and online selling platforms, there are 3 places that generate 80% of all my online passive income (not really so passive, since I work 10 to 12 hours per day on my businesses)

The top 3 places/ platforms for me are:

Amazon  (Seller Central )

Shopify Click for

ClickFunnels  (Click for a free 14-day trial)

So, now let’s jump into the show:

The last episode of the Q&A selling online I mentioned the existing platforms to sell online (in someone else’s backyard), like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Etsy and etc.

But I was asked why not just use an online store script and host it on my own server for free.

I still have a few web stores that are not hosted on Shopify. I still use 2 from a script called XYZ, and it is a Kijiji clone. (very elaborate script) I have one of these scripts with geolocation activated, so I created a different home page for each user depending on their IP location at login.

I also have 2 online store scripts from iScripts, the Multicart software. 1 is a dropshipping business I own, but don’t run anymore, the second I use for Brand and product awareness for one of my big generic brands. I don’t sell anything on the store, but I showcase all my PL products.

Another available option, that I have used in the past, but don’t use anymore is woocomerce with a WordPress site.

Another online store script I used in the past, when I had a cat bed dropshipping business is Prestashop. This is also a free script, that will make their money from selling you themes, services, and upgrades. It is a very elaborate and pretty cool software.

Next in line we have OpenCart, another free script with the same upgrade formula

Not to forget about Magento,  is the free open source E-Commerce software from Magento. You can control almost every aspect of your online store, right from product presentation, content, merchandising, analytics, and etc.

Another great option is osCommerce, also an Open Source eCommerce solution for the online business community.

One more for the road… is X Cart, this is probably the most expensive of all ( taking into consideration that most of the ones I talked about are free open source) this one can cost u to $6000 for a 1-time payment full license.

But, if you want to start from scratch building your online empire, I do not recommend getting a free script (seems like I am not making sense, since free is good for starting) , but in reality you want to start with a platform that is going to bring the customers to you almost for free.

The most expensive part of any online startup is getting eyes on your product because nobody will know about your website or how to find it.

I recommend starting with eBay or Amazon, doing some retail arbitrage( for those with limited funds) and Private Label on Amazon, with a backup Shopify store and sales funnel as a landing page opt-in capturing emails to retarget customers at a later date ( I would use clickfunnels for this)


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Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast