Amit Rosenthal is the CEO of an 84-year-old freight forwarding and international transportation company, ROSENTHAL

  • How long have you been in logistics? Since 1937?
  • When did you realize Amazon was a big opportunity for logistic services?
  • What services do you offer, do you actually do the transport or mediate it?
  • what if I have products that cant be exposed to extreme cold temperatures?
  • Since most Amazon sellers are inexperienced in international shipping is DDP the best solution?
  • Can you explain what is DDP (Door to door)
  • I see you listed on Amazon SPN Service Providers Network) does that give you high exposure?
  •  I don’t know anything about incoterms customs regulations, duties
  • like in any industry when something starts to boom you always see the inexperienced fly by night companies startup. Have you seen that too in your field?


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Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast