Dan Meadors started selling on Amazon with $600 and has now passed 20 Million in totals sales, using his Wholesale Formula

What is wholesale on Amazon FBA?

Wholesaling on Amazon, means you are buying directly from manufacturers or distributors at a wholesale price, then selling on Amazon at full price.

How can you sell on Amazon FBA doing the wholesale method?

Quin asked Dan Meadors to come on the show and explain, not only how it is done, but how it is done profitably.

 Today we have another special guest, this one is a multi-million dollar Amazon seller.
He’s been selling on Amazon since 2011. He started with only $600 and he grew that to over one million dollars in sales within the first two years.
And he should be reaching now about 20 million if I’m not mistaken but we’ll hear it from him in a second.

He’s not even doing private label or retail arbitrage.
Let’s hear it from DAN MEADORS himself.

QUIN: So now you contact these wholesalers. And is everything a well-known brand? Or do you deal with brands are no so well-known?

QUIN: Does that happen in wholesale? How can you find profitable products?

QUIN: Wow. So, DAN MEADORS would you share with us your winning product analysis formula?

QUIN: Yeah. It’s pretty good. How about The Wholesale Formula? Do you know how many people you’ve trained so far?

QUIN: Yeah. I love it. So where can people find The Wholesale Formula online?

QUIN: You know what, I just thought of something. Do you know how many SKUs you have at this point in Amazon?


The Wholesale Formula

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast