From Austin Texas, we have with us the President and founder of Gembah – Zack Leonard

Gembah is a supply chain as a service company.
Zack Leonard and Gembah help businesses and individuals create and manufacture products.

Their turnkey solution brings peoples ideas to life with our local design team.

Once those ideas are on paper, they send it to our overseas team to find the best factories to make your ideas become reality.

Gembah has HQ in Austin, TX with an office in China that manages all our overseas team in places like Vietnam, India, etc.

  • Why did you start Gembah?
  • How can you tell if a business has a scalable overseas supply chain?
  • If someone comes to you with a product idea, what happens next?
  • How do you help private label or Amazon FBA Sellers?
  • What’s the value of having great product designs in terms of manufacturing?
  • What some of the pros/cons of manufacturing in China vs Vietnam?
  • What about products that don’t exist yet? if I have ideas in my head but don’t know how to create them?
  • How about inspections before paying the last 70%?
  • Can I stop my manufacturer from selling my product to others?
  • I had the images of my product on Alibaba posted by different manufacturers
  • Do you still sell online?


  • Payment facilitation to manufacturers
  • Freight forwarding
  • Customs/duty/tax analysis
  • Importing
  • Compliance/testing


Design, sourcing, overseas production, tech pack, manufacturing, production management, private label, Amazon sellers, supply chain management

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