A special interview with Todd Cahill, an amazing person with an incredible story and a endless knowledge.

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Today’s guest wants to leave a strong footprint in this world.

He is a life coach, the published author of You vs You, and the father of 3


⦁ Married to your beautiful wife Kristin and Father of three. What are their ages?
⦁ Tell us a bit about yourself
⦁ You guide people by creating a step-by-step plan, to help them find and achieve their true purpose. Can you break this down a bit for us?
⦁ Your motto is “Beyond Driven” but its also your personal brand. Tell us about Beyond Driven what is it, and how you help people with it
⦁ What is your perspective on Success VS significance?
⦁ What is You VS You?
⦁ You have an amazing book trailer just like a movie. That is such an amazing idea.
⦁ How can we become more self-aware?
⦁ was there a point you thought you were going to give up?
⦁ Looking for an honest answer here Todd, everywhere I look on social media you have thousands of people following you. Even Dean Graciosy follows you!
Is it all because of the motivation you give, or does it help that you look like freaking Thor from the Avengers, haha?
⦁ Your book is very special to you of course. You don’t have a self-published book.
Tell me What’s the process of writing your book, being signed by a publisher and launching your dream?
⦁ How do you find a publisher and what do they require?
⦁ You meditate, you work out every day and live an adventurous life with his wife. That is essential to have a healthy mind, body, AND relationship. How often do you guys have dates or go in adventures?
⦁ Besides your own book, what is one book that you really liked and even read more than once? (Mine is Outliers Malcolm Gladwell)
⦁ I believe You have prepared something for the listeners?

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