How to make my main picture stand out

Bruce got a new listing for a Pl Private Label product, and right or wrong it’s a copy of an existing product, but he made it much better.

He is looking for a way to make his main picture stand out.



Thank you, Bruce,

I really appreciate receiving these voice questions. And this is a very good one.

Launching a product that looks exactly like a competitor’s is not always a bad thing.

sometimes we got to do what we got to do, in order to get quicker to market and gain a top position.

You will have plenty of time to change the product and listing if it becomes successful.

As for the picture to stand out from the competitor, there are a couple things you can do to.

Let’s start with the white hat and easy stuff you should be doing anyway.

Amazon wants the object in the main picture to be at least 85% of the whole picture. well, I recommend having it as close to 100% as possible.

Cut out all the white space around the item of the main picture, and after you have cut over 95% your thumbnail will zoom in on the image, and you will have a bigger item thumbnail than your competitors ( unless they are doing it also)

Then you can change your secondary pictures to tell a story, on the secondary pictures you can do almost anything you want, any color background, add other images, add smiling people using your product, etc.

One of the things you can do, to give people the idea that your product is worth more than the others is to place it in the same picture with valuable items. For example, a picture of a pencil on a very nice desk, next to an Apple computer gives people a subcontinent message that the pencil is worth more. Or if you were selling tires, you would never place the tires on a Toyota Tercel to show how good the tires are.

Sticking with tires. If you were selling rain tires, your picture would show a Lamborghini taking a curve at high speed with heavy rain.

If they were mud tires, you would have the most extreme jeep, in a super harsh mud course jumping out of a big puddle with the front tires in the air… something like that.

Now you are probably thinking  “that is easier said than done”, but you don’t need to rent the Lamborghini, all you need is to hire a photoshop expert and tell him what you want. At Fiverr you can probably find a great artist to do this between $20 to $50


Then the grey hat!

Add things to your main picture.

If you add anything to the main picture it will be against TOS, and your competitors may report the picture. Until now the only thing that would happen would be that Amazon suppresses your listing, or if your second picture conforms with TOS, they will use that as the main.

Things that people use on the main image to stand out are banners that say stuff like:

Hot Deal, Guarantee badge, sellers of phone cases put the phone in the picture, some that sell Bluetooth items add the blue Bluetooth logo or NUMBERS! numbers attack peoples eyes almost as much as other eyes.

For example, a little white lie, like “Over 84000 units sold”

And I mentioned eyes, that was proven to be the best thing to capture peoples eyes, is another set of eyes. I’ve read a couple studies from multimillion-dollar marketing agencies, that have tested all kinds of images and it seems to be legit.


That’s all for today, I hope this helps




Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast