How to sell FBA and FBM on Amazon at the same time.

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Now, I had a question which is a really good question and it was sent to me on a comment on

So if you want to do the same, go ahead. All right. The question came in from Mary Ann and I’m gonna read it.

“Hello, Quin. I’ve been listening to the podcast for almost six months and I am almost caught up now. I have a question for you about FBM and FBA. I see some sellers can do both on the product but I don’t have that option. How can it be done?”

Well, Mary Ann thank you very much and good job catching up to the podcast in six months. So that was very good for you. You binge listen and that makes me very excited.

For those listening that don’t realize FBM is “Fulfilled by Merchant” and FBA is “Fulfilled by Amazon”. When you see some sellers that have, doesn’t matter if it’s private label product or what it is, you can sell it as FBA and FBM.

The way to do that… and you probably never noticed it yet, but when I tell you, you’re gonna realize how easy it is.

You open your listing. So like I said, it doesn’t matter if you have a private label product or if your wholeselling or whatever, right. So go to your inventory. On the top left of your seller central you’re gonna click on inventory and then go down to manage inventory. And when you open “manage inventory”, now you’re going to get a list of all the products that you have for sale. Right.

And the ones that are active are going to show up first and then by default, I guess on mine, the ones that have the highest quantities are the ones that are going to show up first. I have it in that order. You can set yours to be, I guess, in different orders. And I do that because the number of the availability of my stock to me means it’s normally the one that sells the most. That’s why it has more inventory, right?

Now look at that line of each product and go all the way to the right. And at the end of each line, you’re going to have the edit button with a drop-down menu. So click on that dropdown and you’re going to see an option there. And I’m in there right now, that says “add another condition.” Click on “add another condition.” And this is going to open a page where you can select a new price for the product and you can select a new option if the product is new, used.

So this is what you’re going to do if you have used a product that you want to sell that’s your own or somebody else’s, you’re going to create exactly the same thing and then set their new as used or used as new and/or new or just used or collectible. You can choose here. You can choose the price that you want.

And then at the bottom of that, you’re going to see the option to pick if you want Amazon to fulfill it or if fulfilled by you. If you’re selling private label, your product is always going to be brand new so select the option “new” and then select to have “fulfilled by merchant”, which is you. And as soon as you’re done you’re going to have two sellers on your listing and you’re going to be both of them. Right. So that is it.

Now with that said, you’re going to have to pay attention that if you have an FBM listing more than likely, you can get FBM orders.

So the one that is FBA is going to have the Buy Box. If the price is the same. The one that is FBA is going to have the Buy Box. Now I’m going to tell you on a little trick.

Sometimes I do that on some of my listings as well. And my FBM listing has a super expensive product. All right. What that is going to do, not super expensive but if I’m selling something at $39.99, my FBM listing is going to cost $50 something. And what this does is gives the buyer the perception that your FBA listing is cheap or affordable. Let me say “affordable” instead of “cheap.”

That is a neat little trick because most buyers don’t know as much as us, sellers, how the platform works. When they look at a listing, they can see that it has two sellers and they can see the seller A and seller B have different prices. Now, they can look at it and see if seller B, without even looking at the name, seller B is selling for $50 seller A now is selling for $39.99. That sounds more affordable so it’s going to make it easier for them to convert, i.e. buy your product. That’s it.

So, Mary Ann thank you very much for the question. I hope this answered your question. You can do that for any products. And for all you guys and girls listening, remember go to Leave me a question if there’s something that you want to know.

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And remember, start grateful. Stay positive and always profit.

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast