Most people when they join an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) are thought all the wrong ways to approach leads.
Their uplines “most” of the times have zero experience, so they give them the same copy and paste message that they have been using unsuccessfully for a long time.
The reality is that you need to build some time of relationship before going in with the “opportunity”

The good old techniques:

“Would you like to make more money?”

“Do you leave income opportunities open”

“If you breathe, this is meant for you…”

This is pure and simple terrible…

What’s up, everyone?

Quin here. And I want to give you some quick tips today about what not to do when communicating with your customers, with your leads. Especially when you’re trying to network with somebody. Now a lot of these messages come from the very well-known MLM which is multi-level marketing.
A lot of people out there do not like multi-level marketing, a lot of people love multi-level marketing. I guess that’s just different point of views depending on what side of the fence you’re on.

Now, one thing in common when it comes to multi-level marketing is the fact that networking, your network is your net worth. So multi-level marketers need to constantly create, generate lots of connections and ie. networking. To do so, some have been trained incorrectly by their uplines and their uplines tell them what to do incorrectly. And of course, this is not a generalization because there’s a lot of people out there doing it right, building relationships the right way. But what we all see is a bunch of spam and then all pay because of one.
And that’s the generalization that happens in life. Humans do that often, right?

So we all get a ton of messages. I get like an unlimited amount of messages come in constantly that are just spammy.

And what I do normally is as soon as I see sometimes the subject says: “Hello, Quin_Amorim,” okay so I know that was a bot that captured either my Twitter or my Instagram. So they go through my Instagram, my Twitter. The scraping bots capture my email, associate the account name with my name and then they message, “Hello, Quin_Amorim” altogether.
So automatically, those go directly to the junk folder.

Others, I can read you a few. Of course, I’m not gonna name any names. I’m not gonna name companies or anything like that. And here’s for example. This one was from LinkedIn: “Hi, Quin. I wanted to know if you’re actively seeking venture funding. If so, let me know if you’d like details about applying to present as one of the top innovators at the New England venture summit,” blah, blah, blah. And then signed. And of course, there’s a link in there.

Now the thing is, this is the very first contact I had with this person. I’ve never met this person. It is actually an account that doesn’t even have a picture. And this is how they start, right? They start the conversation directly with a pitch if I’m looking for venture funding. So this one came through and I didn’t reply.

Two days later, I get a message that just says, “Hi, Quin. I wanted to know if you’re actively seeking venture funding. We’re bringing together a large group of investors to connect emerging companies,” blah blah blah. So basically, the same pitch a couple of lines and the links at the bottom are different now. This actually has a URL, that it’s going to take me to this summit.

In this case, I did reply. So now there are 2 messages that came in from the same person. I replied and I said, “Thank you so much for contacting me. I’ll save this link and I’ll keep my eyes open.” That’s it.

So I get a reply to that. “My pleasure. What round of funding are you seeking and how much? Let me know if you’d be interested in joining us and I’ll send you more details.”

So again I didn’t reply and I get this. “Hey Quin, I wanted to know if you’re actively seeking venture funding. We’re bringing together a large group of investors…” blah blah blah. The exact same message again. So now this, of course, is obvious it’s a bot sending the same copy and paste message to everybody.

Now this message is now in the spam folder on LinkedIn and I didn’t put it there myself.
So LinkedIn just sees the account, so many spam messages may be due to reports from other users. And it just goes directly to spam.

So stuff like for example, this one. Again, we have never met before. It says, not even a name, “Hello. I hope things are good on your end. I’m growing my financial brokerage and I’m looking for some sharp individuals that are looking to make some additional income on a part-time basis. I wanted to send you a quick message to see if you are keeping your business opportunities open. What is the best number I can reach you?” That’s it and it ends. It’s not even signed or anything like that.

And just so you can visualize this, it’s all done in one paragraph, one block of text. There are periods and commas in there but it’s all in one block of text. Even the “hello,” hello comma, everything together.

Now this, of course, is from somebody I’ve never met before. And as you can see this sentence here:

“Are you keeping your business opportunities open?”

Same as, “Are you keeping your streams of income opportunities open?” Those kinds of things are taught by uplines that do not know what they’re doing. And they probably give these people the copy-paste message. “Use this message because it worked for me once.”

And it doesn’t work for anybody. These kinds of message do not work. I’m going to tell you if you are in any of those… and this is related to e-commerce of course. This is business. This is an online business so it doesn’t matter that it’s not about selling on Amazon, today this episode. This is just some tips to help some of you that are probably in the multi-level marketing that are trying to generate some income to bring into your families

So if you’re going to do this, one, immediately stop selling on your Facebook. Stop trying to sell to your friends and your family. What’s going to happen is that you’re going to be the person that nobody wants to hear from. Now, if you did post on Facebook, you saw who engaged with those comments, who seem to be interested. You can deal with those friends, that family probably in your messenger and stuff like that. Give them the opportunity to join that company to join whatever business you’re in. And be upfront with them.

One thing people really love is honesty. So whoever it is that you’re dealing with, doesn’t matter if it’s somebody you don’t know or you know over well it is very important to you use honesty. You can sell easier when you’re being honest. In speaking against yourself. It’s easier to sell when you’re being dishonest and upping yourself or making yourself look better because… you know people love honesty. People absolutely love honesty, so it is the best way to go.

Now, when you go to message your contact, your network. When you wanna create your network, what you’re going to do is build a relationship first. First, you introduce yourself to somebody. “Hey, I just wanted to thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn.” Or “Thank you for liking my page on Facebook. I really appreciate that. Thank you so much!” And leave it at that. End it right there. The person will probably reply to you. “No problem. My pleasure. I really enjoy your content,” or something like that.

If they do, you will reply back, “What kind of content brought you here?” or “What was your favorite thing? I really want to know just so I can keep doing better, offering more and better content out there.”

So you create a conversation just as if you were talking to another regular human being. Remember that we’re human beings. We do not like being sold to. I did sales for so many years, in-person sales. I was selling services in oilsands and every time I would have to go visit a big company, of course, we’re talking about multi-million dollars. Where at the time, I could do more than fifty million in a year just in my own sales.

And when I would go visit somebody, I would make sure (and take note of this), I would walk into somebody’s office, I would sit down have a coffee, put my feet up on their desk with them if I’ve known these people for a while. And do not talk about business. Never try to sell them anything.

So what I was doing would be for example, and let me rephrase this “put the feet up on the desk.” If it’s somebody I don’t know, I walk in their office. When I have permission to walk in their office, what I would do be take some coffee, donuts and anything like that and introduce myself. And then leave. That’s how I would start this. And then weekly, I just swing by. “Hey, I’m just swinging by. Everything’s okay?”

And you know, eventually, you start to build a relationship to the point where I would walk in somebody’s office look around the walls. I would see if they had a picture of a Harley Davidson, picture of their kids, picture of their Corvette on the wall. So I would start a conversation about. “Oh, a Corvette. What is that? Is that the 2016? And they go, “Oh no, this is actually the 2017. As you can see here the headlights are a bit different.” And we start talking about that.

And because I have a passion for cars, motorcycles. Anything that is a motorized vehicle, I have a passion for that. So I would seek those things and start a conversation about it. Talk about their Harley. “So do you do trips often? Where do you go to?” See if they’d been to places that I’ve been and start talking about those places.

You find a passion. If somebody’s passionate about something and in their office where they gonna spend 10, 12, 14 hours a day whatever it is, they’re gonna have pictures of their passion. If that’s their wife, their girlfriend, their kids, their boyfriend, ping pong, pool. Whatever it is. You start a conversation. You build a relationship and do not talk about work.

What would happen eventually is that when that person, when that business needed services that a company like mine or other companies out there because of course, we have competitors, the thing is when they’re needing those kinds of services they’re gonna think, “Oh, you know what, that guy that’s here in the office all the time, that’s what he does. I have his business card or whatever. Anyway, he comes here every week. I’m gonna give him the job.”

And more often than not these jobs were awarded to people that had relationships. Although it goes through a department that’s going to cut the PO’s and all this has to go through different departments. But the person that’s in charge of the job or the person that’s responsible for setting up these operations would be the person that I had this relationship built, and they are basically the ones that have the ultimate decision. And they could say even though, “Okay, Quin services may not be the cheapest but he’s trustworthy or he’s the best” or that kind of stuff.

And that’s basically how we do sales without never trying to sell. I would build this relationship. And now after many years of doing this, I had really close friends, buddies. We would hang out outside of work. And guess what, when they needed services that I had to sell, they called me every time. And when their friends needed services that are the same as that I had to sell, they would refer me to their friends.

And make no mistake, whenever I would get a job, that job would have to be done right or else there is no referring anybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re a buddy, it doesn’t matter if you’re friends or family. If you do not do a job properly you’re not going to be referred to the next time somebody needs it. Or you’re not going to be called the next time somebody needs it. So whenever you do a job, make sure you over deliver. That is very important.

That’s one of the very important things of the law of attraction.

It is when you over deliver when presenting any kind of service or product, when you over deliver, it is almost sure that that customer is going to come back to you and they are going to re-order if that is a re-orderable item a re-orderable service.

So make sure to create relationships. That’s your number one. You’re gonna create relationships. Do not try to sell. When it comes to the right time and you have the relationship built with that person, now you can offer them opportunity. But you have to be sure that you are actually giving an opportunity. Because most people are afraid to do sales because they believe that they’re going to get something in return while not giving enough.

When you know that you are going to over deliver, you know that you are doing that person a favor. And if you have that mentality when you’re talking to your prospect or to your lead, when you have the mentality that you are doing them a favor, you’re not going to feel like you are selling. And when the person feels that, they’re more receptive. And they may join you or not.

And you’re not gonna be sour if they do not join you. And you’re actually not gonna give up at that point because when they say “no” they’re actually not saying no. They’re saying “not right now.” Because we all have lives, that things happen and you may be stressed one day or you may be feeling great one day financially. The next week you may not be so wealthy or feeling so wealthy.

So opportunities come and go. And opportunities depend on timing. So make sure to follow up with the leads that said “no” or with the customers that stopped being your customer for a while. That kind of stuff. Doesn’t matter if it’s physical products, services if it is the opportunities with your MLM. Follow up with people. Build relationships even with the ones that said no, the ones that said: “not now.”

That is it for today. I want to leave you with this message. I was gonna read you a ton of emails that I have here. A ton of spam. I have spam folders open in front of me so I was going to read a ton of them but I spoke a lot and I actually think I delivered a lot of good content right there.

And as you know, I am not trying to sell anything to you. I’m just trying to help you sell more, make more profit and be wealthy, achieve your goals and then be happy. It really, really makes me feel good when I get messages from somebody that hears the podcast and that had changed their life in some way.

So basically the pay that I want is to know, did I help somebody? If did help you, listening to this, let me know. That is the only thing I want in return. I’m not trying to sell you anything but that.

Okay, so that’s it. I’m gonna leave you with my final thoughts that are:

Start grateful, stay positive and always profit.
Have a great one.

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast