Felling blessed, as Amazon offered a FREE PPC manager for one of the accounts.

Apparently the Ad spend has gone up rapidly and they offered to help out.

Oh man, I was trying to keep a straight face while I was saying that but I cannot stop smiling.
And it’s because I just got off the phone with somebody from Amazon.
And what happened was through an email, we got contacted saying that Amazon wanted to offer an Amazon PPC manager for free, to manage one of the accounts.

And at first, I was very skeptical, right because it didn’t sound… I don’t know, I thought it was maybe it’s not official.
Maybe it’s just a marketing company out there and they’re trying to sell the service or whatever.
So anyway, we booked this call and we went into this call. And I was, like I said, very skeptical going into the call. And I realized this was Amazon. This was actually Amazon. They had access to the account.

They were in the account. This was no scam. And they are offering PPC management. This is so incredible. For free, absolutely for free.

So I’m gonna have somebody from Amazon monitoring my PPC campaigns. She already sent a list of some of the keywords or search terms, some of the search terms that I didn’t have access to that clients are looking for.
She sent me those.
And basically, kind of a sheet. It’s an excel sheet. It’s a spreadsheet that comes with their recommendations of increased bid and lower bid.
And then you have the option, you press a button that says “accept all the changes” and then you will upload this to your Amazon account and all the changes that this PPC expert from Amazon recommended. Again, this expert is a she.

Okay, so this one I accepted all. This was the first one. I got the sheet. I accepted all.
And I’m gonna monitor and see what those recommendations, what the results are from those recommendations.
So what keywords to add to the campaigns, if they’re broad, exact all that stuff. And then basically the bidding on the keywords, if it should go up if it should go down.
And I applied every single change recommended. Every single one. So every single one. And now I’m going to monitor and see how good the service really is.

And I’m excited so far because it’s a privilege that I have never had before. I did, for many years campaigns with Facebook and I would see people that come in that had maybe a bigger budget. Or I don’t know, if they were more active and they would come and be assigned a Facebook Ads manager to them.

You know, where they would have their personal email and all that stuff to contact back and forth. And now, I have that with Amazon, right. Meanwhile, I ended up getting one with Facebook. It’s not the same thing. They don’t touch my account. We just do like, every two weeks, a video conference. That’s it.
But now with this Amazon, it is weekly.
So I’m super excited. I can’t wait to see what’s going to come out of this. So I will let you guys know the results. I’ll let you know what’s going on. And then hopefully, this is something that they’re going to roll out to more and more people.

As I said, I’m super excited because it’s something official. Although nothing is tested yet I’m still excited, so let me be excited. And I like being positive and that’s what I tell everybody.

So remember, you guys, start grateful, stay positive, and always profit. Thank you very much.

Have an amazing day.

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast