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Amazon PPC With Brent Zahradnik Founder of AMZ Pathfinder #412

Brent Zahradnik

Brent Zahradnik Founder of AMZ PathfinderBrent started Amazon ads in 2015 and he already had a Google ads background. ⦁ The only guest to have been here 4 times⦁ Are you still in France?⦁ How many people do you have on your team…

Amazon Sponsored Ads in Seller Central

Click fraud

Here are some of the things you can do in 202 inside seller central when it comes to Amazon Sponsored Ads. Targeting full categories or subcategories Targeting competitor products Targeting low review products Targeting product with a higher price than yours, products that…

Managing Amazon Ads Since 2015, Brent Zahradnik – AMZ Pathfinders

Brent Zahradnik

Brent Zahradnik In the summer of 2015, he founded AMZ Pathfinder and started doing direct ad management for brands selling on amazon. Fast forward to 2020 and he has grown the business into an agency with 12 team members. They still focus entirely…

How We Got An Amazon PPC Manager Assigned To The Account For Free

Click fraud

Felling blessed, as Amazon offered a FREE PPC manager for one of the accounts. Apparently the Ad spend has gone up rapidly and they offered to help out. Oh man, I was trying to keep a straight face while I was saying that…

Joe’s Slow Moving Product and Amazon PPC Ads

Quin amorim

Hey Joe, welcome back to the show. And yeah Anheuser-Busch beer factory, I always imagine what cool jobs are happening in a place like that. Glad to see you launched 2 products but unfortunately one isn’t doing great, so lets see what we…

Finding Keywords and Amazon PPC #152

wrong order color

How do you choose your keywords, how do you construct your initial pay-per-click campaign? Are you going for “broad” are you going for “phrase” or “exact match” “Just wondering if you have some best practices or some protocols for choosing the keywords that you…

What is the difference between broad match, phrase match and exact | Ep. #20

Q and A Podcast

What is the difference between broad match, phrase match and exact? We have a ton of questions coming in related to PPC (pay per click) and AMS (Amazon Sponsored products) Today Quin will reply to a question about the differences in the match…