He is a commerce marketing strategist, analyst, and content marketer with more than 15 years of experience in email, mobile and social media marketing Director of Content at Omnisend – host of the podcast, Cart Insiders: Greg Zakowicz

What is Omnisend?

Omnisend email & SMS automation platform for eCommerce.
More than 70,000 eCommerce brands use Omnisend


  • Tells us a bit about yourself
  • Can you explain Omnisend for those who don’t know it
  • I believe IOS 15 came out a few days ago, what are the changes and how can marketers adapt?
  • I heard ios15 will not allow tracking open rates? So web beacons are disabled?
  • Can you explain how it worked until now, so people know the difference?
  • If the person enables the mail privacy protection, those emails will be considered not open?
  • If I don’t know real open rates, I can’t keep my list clean?
  • So no more Geo-targeting subscribers?
  • So A/B testing subjects is out of the question now?
  • What is Hide my Email?
  • As a user, if I subscribe to a newsletter using hide my email, will I still get the content sent to my real email?
  • IOS 14 or 14.5 had already some issues with FB targeting but apple changed them to accommodate FB, will they do the same this time?

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