Directly from LV Nevada founder of Branded Shareables, Edwin Dearborn

Edwin is on a mission to help business professionals attract their ideal customers.
To that end, Edwin has written three books on the topics of branding, social media strategies, and influencer marketing.
His latest book, Referology, details proven methods to exponentially grow one’s best clientele. source: referrals.

  • How long have you lived in Vegas?
  • Was Vegas a strategic location or simply a personal choice?
  • I want to talk about your Ten Core Principles of Business Growth, but first, let’s talk referrals
  • I heard you are the referral guy, how does one get referrals?
  • What are Ten Core Principles of Business Growth?
  • Edwin my favorite color combination is black and red, and your book 1 is red and the other black and red
Edwin Dearborn
Edwin Dearborn

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