Jana Krekic is the founder of YLT Translations

Jana Krekic is the founder of YLT Translations, an Amazon dedicated translation agency.
With a translation background and 5 languages she speaks.
Jana decided to quit her regular job, working in the leading Danish e-commerce, to start her own agency.

Jana has been working with 7-9 figure sellers in the past 2 years and provides all type of translations and services that sellers need in order to expand successfully to international markets.

YLT stands for Your listing translations

Some of the questions I asked Jana Krekic

  • What are the top tips when people expand internationally?
  • Should you use Google translate?
  • Should you hire translators on Fiverr?
  • How to do keyword research properly for foreign markets?
  • What are the most often mistakes people to make when launching products in international markets?
  • What is your keyword placing strategy?
  • What markets should you launch your new products to?
  • How important is localization for your listing?
  • How important is the keyword research for a good listing?
  • How to know if your product is a good fit for another market?


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