Micah Fraim The eCommerce and Amazon FBA CPA, QA Selling Online Podcast

Micah Fraim runs an accounting firm that focuses exclusively on online business, like Amazon FBA

He has also written the two best-selling tax books on Amazon, which have sold tens of thousands of copies.

His clients are typically six and seven-figure online businesses and have millions of YouTube and Facebook subscribers between them.

His advice has been featured in TIME, Forbes, Nasdaq, and quite a few other major publications.

Some questions Micah Fraim answered

  • How to deal with economic nexus/out of state sales tax
  • Tax obligations for overseas sellers selling into the US
  • What are Trump’s tariffs for importing from China
  • If overseas sellers should set up a US entity and if so where?
  • Managing inventory fluctuations for tax purposes
  • Can we buy lots of inventory in December to get tax deductions for the next year?
  • US LLC selling in the UK, what are benefits to setting up a UK Ltd from a VAT perspective
  • Correct corporate setup for tax purposes
  • How to minimize your tax bill in general
  • Importance of not lumping in advertising as a COGS for your internal reports/breaking it out from true inventory costs
  • favorite tools
  • Size of your team

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Tools Mentioned In The Podcast

  • Taxjar
  • Xero accounting
  • Quickbooks
Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast

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