Micah Fraim runs an accounting firm that focuses exclusively on online business, like Amazon FBA

He has also written the two best-selling tax books on Amazon, which have sold tens of thousands of copies.

His clients are typically six and seven-figure online businesses and have millions of YouTube and Facebook subscribers between them.

His advice has been featured in TIME, Forbes, Nasdaq, and quite a few other major publications.

Some questions Micah Fraim answered

  • How to deal with economic nexus/out of state sales tax
  • Tax obligations for overseas sellers selling into the US
  • What are Trump’s tariffs for importing from China
  • If overseas sellers should set up a US entity and if so where?
  • Managing inventory fluctuations for tax purposes
  • Can we buy lots of inventory in December to get tax deductions for the next year?
  • US LLC selling in the UK, what are benefits to setting up a UK Ltd from a VAT perspective
  • Correct corporate setup for tax purposes
  • How to minimize your tax bill in general
  • Importance of not lumping in advertising as a COGS for your internal reports/breaking it out from true inventory costs
  • favorite tools
  • Size of your team

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Tools Mentioned In The Podcast

  • Taxjar
  • Xero accounting
  • Quickbooks
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