Mark Achler

Managing Director at MATH Venture Partners and Co-author of Exit Right.

Mark was an early employee of Apple and Head of Innovation at Redbox

  •  What’s your business story?
  • Was RedBox the DVD rental ATM?
  • What is Math venture partners?
  • So you guys are not buying brands like aggregators, you are simply funding them?
  • Where are these investments made? The US only?
  • The only companies you invest in are digital tech?
  • Can you give examples of companies or services funded?
  • So if I were looking for funding for my agency I would approach Math?
  • Please explain the process.
  • What are things required for businesses?
  • You co-wrote a book called Exit right, tell us about it
  • After a big exit people show up everywhere telling you where to invest next, what do you do?

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