Michael Epstein sold his first company in 2013 and served as CMO of multiple ecommerce brands.
He’s a principal at PostPilot, a platform that allows you to send personalized postcards automatically at scale, as easily as you’d create an email campaign.

PostPilot is a marketing platform specializing in direct mail marketing for Shopify and ecommerce brands. It offers solutions for prospecting, retargeting, retention, and reactivation using postcards and Cardalogs™️.
The service includes full-funnel capabilities tailored for various industries like CPG, apparel, home furnishings, and pet supplies.
PostPilot provides resources like FAQs, Direct Mail Academy, Design Studio examples, and podcasts for additional insights.
The platform emphasizes its ease of use, integration with other marketing tools, and automation capabilities. It’s designed to enhance customer acquisition, engagement, and brand memorability through personalized, profit-generating direct mail campaigns.

Questions I asked PostPilot’s Co-Founder Michael Epstein

⦁ How did you get started with ecommerce
⦁ What was the biggest exit you were involved in?
⦁ What is PostPilot?
⦁ I hear that Ezra Firestone uses PostPilot
⦁ Getting clients for software is different than getting clients for physical products?
⦁ Do I upload a list of names and addresses and you guys send my cards?
⦁ Can I design my own cards inside your platform?
⦁ Is it possible to do handwritten messages?
⦁ What analytics can we get from a system like this? Open rate?
⦁ Michael, please share his insights into acquiring and retaining customers
⦁ Going back in time to old strategies like using snail mail seems to work often.
⦁ How to Level Up your Lead Generation and Close More Deals with Handwritten Cards.
⦁ How to Bring Direct Mail Into the Digital Age and Increase Ecommerce Brand Retention and Profits.


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