Michael Epstein sold his first company in 2013 and served as CMO of multiple ecommerce brands.
He’s a principal at PostPilot, a platform that allows you to send personalized postcards automatically at scale, as easily as you’d create an email campaign.

⦁ How did you get started with ecommerce
⦁ What was the biggest exit you were involved in?
⦁ What is PostPilot?
⦁ I hear that Ezra Firestone uses PostPilot
⦁ Getting clients for software is different than getting clients for physical products?
⦁ Do I upload a list of names and addresses and you guys send my cards?
⦁ Can I design my own cards inside your platform?
⦁ Is it possible to do handwritten messages?
⦁ What analytics can we get from a system like this? Open rate?
⦁ Michael, please share his insights into acquiring and retaining customers
⦁ Going back in time to old strategies like using snail mail seems to work often.
⦁ How to Level Up your Lead Generation and Close More Deals with Handwritten Cards.
⦁ How to Bring Direct Mail Into the Digital Age and Increase Ecommerce Brand Retention and Profits.


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