Robyn Johnson Founder and CEO at Marketplace Blueprint, and owner of Best from the nest

⦁ We are together in the SEMrush / Sellzone lifetime VIP circle
⦁ I see you are also a professor on the SEMrush Academy free course
⦁ You are a VIP contributor for the search engine journal, how long have you been writing there?
⦁ Robyn, I heard you started with $100 tell us the story
⦁ We both know the days of starting with $100 are gone, do you think starting with $10K today would be as good as $100 back then?
⦁ How did Marketplace Blueprint get started?
⦁ I just looked at your site and I see you use Wikipedia-style links to your own content, I like that for SEO.
⦁ A question I never asked anyone before: What terms do you put in the backend? is it stuff you don’t want people to see in the front? Do you repeat them?
⦁ What’s number one for you? Main image, Title, or reviews?
⦁ Since you have been around for a while like me, Do you still name your Amazon images with keywords? Alt tags
⦁ What is the low-hanging fruit for people that want to optimize their own presence on Amazon?
⦁ Do you still sell on Amazon or are you 100% on Marketplace Blueprint?

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