Amazon seller Ninja tip to get keyword indexed and ranking.

Today I will just give a quick Ninja tip to be able to make Amazon give you a perfect canonical URL.

How can we do this?

Well, before you list your product you will do keyword research and find the top 6 search terms for your product.

Now that you know what they are, enter them in your title, but make sure to enter a maximum of 6 words on the title!

These 6 words are what Amazon will use to create your product URL so it will look like: else goes here

By only giving them 6 words that will force them to create that URL for you.

Now it will be easier to rank for those keywords and the URL will match the title and content of the page (Google SEO tricks)

A day after you do this, you can go back and edit your listing to have the full title you wish!

I hope you like this little Ninja tip for Amazon sellers, and please let me know if you want more like this>



Quin Amorim

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast