I ordered a private label product from China, now what can I do, while I wait?

The question came in from Josh, who asked: I ordered a private label product from China, now what can I do, while I wait?

I am very happy that Josh has taken a step forward and he private labeled his own product.

Now you will have to wait a bit, as the manufacturer will schedule the manufacturing process and they will prioritize people with bigger orders or with a better, more established relationship.

Don’t be afraid of the delays.

You will have lots of things to do while you wait for your private label product to arrive on Amazon.

The first step is to create your Amazon listing, then, optimize that listing by taking the best keywords and search terms from your competitor.

Make sure to have professional looking product pictures. You don’t need to hire a professional product photographer, but you do need to have professional looking pictures that make people want to buy your product.

A great tip is to create a product giveaway by making 100% or 75% discount codes and give them away to people on Facebook groups who are looking for free product.

The ninja hack here is to send them a super URL when giving them the discount code, so your product can achieve 100% conversion rate for a little bit and thus come up, to the top pages super quick.


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