Selling on Facebook: Stop trying to sell your products on your personal Facebook page!


Facebook can either greatest asset or it can be your biggest enemy when it comes to building your business

The best option to sell on Facebook is using Shopify and connecting your stores.

So I’m guessing that is what you mean when you say “sell on Facebook”

I do have a little pet peeve, maybe it’s just a little warning about selling on Facebook with your personal Facebook account

And I here’s what I want you to do I want you to think of your Facebook page as your personal TV channel and I want you to understand that when all you do is post specific company and product all of the time, what you basically are, is an infomercial for your network.

You will watch a channel like this once or twice, but Once you knew what the channel was you would never go back

If all they see on your page is selling your products, they will not tune in anymore.

Want to see how people are engaging with your content?

Go have a look at your last 10 posts about selling something… the likes and shares you have are always from the same people… and these people either are also selling this, or they are


Not Legitimately engaged with this product.


Did you know that only 10 or 15% of the people on your Facebook list actually see what you posted so now imagine that you have a list of 1000 friends only 10% of them are seeing your post so not thousand people saw your post only 100 saw it out of these 100 most of them are probably annoyed by now with your weight loss products your whatever it is that you are selling


Your number will get lower, because you are overly promotional, and FB’s algorithm will lower your posts exposure.

Now the only people that see your post, are the people that liked and shared it.


You are not helping yourself, your friends are annoyed and you get annoyed with them.

Because you see them liking other posts and not yours.


Think about it this way. How many times did you pull out your phone and think “let me go to FB to see what is for sale today” or “ let’s see what kind of weight loss products are out there?

I mention weight loss products because they are the biggest responsible ones, and I’ve done it myself!


People go to FB to see what their friends are doing, the guy that shares pics of fancy cars all the time, the other that takes selfies in the gym every day, the hottie that posts a cleavage shot twice a day while doing the duck lips trick.


When people share, comment or like posts, Facebook values that engagement


Here is something most people don’t know.

FB rates posts from 1 to 10 for engagement…. People of do Facebook advertising actually get to see the rate that FB gave them for each ad.

When I create a FB ad and get rated 1 for engagement, not only FB slowly stops showing my ad to people, but also my cost goes up the roof. ( for those who don’t know, FB charges per interaction, or per CPM > 1000 views)

When I get rated 10 I can show my ad to millions of people for as low as 0.001 (1/10 of a cent) per engagement.

I actually Have a campaign that I created that ended up giving me over 40 million visitors to this it was a picture that I posted on one of the groups I manage not only the picture had over 40 million visitors it also ended up giving me over 40,000 new users for that group.

Now Enough of what you shouldn’t do no let’s see what you should do or what you can do to actually sell your product.

Create content, valuable content.  you should spend 90% of your time creating content offering some value to your friends your followers your buyers whoever it is you are targeting what this means is  90% of your posts should not be trying to sell something it should be trying to solve somebody’s problems or giving them solutions for free

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast